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Subject: percentage with fractions
Name: david
Who are you: Student

6.9 is 11.5 percent of what number?

Hi David,

If you see this sentence through mathematical eyes you can read it as an equation to be solved.

In a mathematical sentence (an equation) the equal sign is the verb. Thus in your question replace the verb is by an equal sign.

The word percent means per one-hundred so replace percent by division by 100.

The word of means multiplication. (One half of four is   1/2 x 4 = 2.)

What number is the quantity you don't know so use some letter like x to stand for this number.

Your question "6.9 is 11.5 percent of what number?" thus becomes

6.9 = 11.5/100 x x

Solve for x.

Check your answer, is 11.5% of your answer equal to 6.9?


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