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Question from dawn, a student:

how do you rewrite 2x+4y+2=3y+5 in general form?

Hi Dawn.

The way I remember what General Form looks like is that it is alphabetically sorted.

Here's an example: 2x - 3y - 4 = 15/2 - 8x.

First I move everything to one side of the equation and then group "like" terms, then simplify:

-15/2 + 8x + 2x - 3y - 4 = 0

(-15/2 - 4) + (8x + 2x) - 3y = 0

-23/2 + 10x - 3y = 0.

Next, I multiply by whatever I have to to get rid of all the fractions.

-23 + 20x - 6y = 0.

Now put the terms in alphabetical order (the value without a variable goes on the end):

20x - 6y - 23 = 0.

Last, if the first term is negative, multiply the whole thing by -1.
I don't have to do that with my example.

That's in general form.

Now you do this with your problem.
Stephen La Rocque.

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