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Question from Freddy, a student:

Set up the systems of equations and solve the systems.

Watson Electric has production facilities in Valley Mills, Marlin,and Hillsboro.
Each one produces radios,stereos,and TV sets.
There production capacities are

Valley Mills: 10 radios, 12 stereos, and 6 TV sets per hour
Marlin: 7 radios, 10 stereos, and 8 TV sets per hour
Hillsboro: 5 Radios, 4 Stereos, amid 13 TV sets per hour


How many hours should each plant be scheduled to fill an order of 1095 radios, 1230 stereos,
and 1490 TV sets?

Hi Freddy. I can help you set up the equations:

Let V, M, H = the number of hours each facility operates respectively.

Radios: 1095 ≤ 10V + 7M + 5H
Stereos: 1230 ≤ 12V + 10M + 4H
TVs: 1490 ≤ 6V + 8M + 13H

Can you solve these simultaneous inequalities?
Stephen La Rocque.

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