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Question from grace, a student:

hi I am doing graphics and need to find the area of the section given to us (it is just drawn). the sides measure 15m, 35.4m, 5m, 17.8m, 35.7m. the angle between the 15m side and the 35.4m side is 17degrees, the angle between the 35.4m side and the 5m side is 73degrees. the angle between the 5m side and the 17.8m side is 151degrees, the angle between the 17.8m side and the 35.7m side is 90degrees and the angle between the 35.7m side and the 15m side is 95degrees. if you could tell me the area i would be extremely grateful. thanks very much.

Hi Grace,

I can see two ways to find the area. One is to subdivide the region into triangles and then use the Law of Cosines and Heron's Formula to find the area. The second approach is to use the Surveyor's Formula. There is a description of these methods and an example in the answer we have to a previous question.


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