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Question from Jacqui, a student:

How many can packages can fit? I have a freezer that is 7cf. But it contains a little tray component. The freezer measurements without the tray is(bear with me, I'm not good with LxWxD) 23 across x 16 W x 25 deep (i'm assuming depth) and the tray is 8 across x 16 w x 15 D. We are trying to see how many 9 L x 6 W x 3.5 D packages can fit in the freezer.
Please help me. I'm getting app. 60. I need 84 to be able to fit.

Hi Jacqui,

Your freezer has two areas, the main compartment which has a volume of

23 inches times 16 inches times 25 inches = 9200 cu inches

and the shelf that has a volume of

8 inches times 16 inches times 15 inches = 1920 cu inches

for a total volume of

9200 + 1920 = 11120 cu inches.

Each package has a volume of

9 inches times 6 inches times 3.5 inches = 189 cu inches

Thus, regardless of how you attempt to pack the packages in the freezer the largest number of packages you can fit is

11120/189 = 58.8.

Thus your result of approximately 60 is correct. You can not fit 84 packages into the freezer.


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