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Note: Sender is Jami (student)

Hi, I'm Jami and I'm in 10th grade.I'm doing a geometry research project on optical illusions and need to know how math is involved. I have an idea already of how our eyes percept 2 dimensional images and construct them into 3D images but, that isn't my question.There are many books that contain optical illusion pictures that have secret messages in them or have objects popping out. Is there a mathematical way in that optical illusion pictures are constructed?

Hi Jamie, we have two responses for you

Yes there is a lot of mathematics (and often some computer programming) to creation of these diagrams with objects 'popping out': stereographs.

A quick google search comes up with the following site for pairs of pictures:

If you want the single picture that 'pops' then you should search under Random Dot Stereographs, and find sites such as:

Walter Whiteley

A book on this topic that I found extremely interesting is

Visual Intelligence: How We Create What We See by Donald Hoffman


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