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Subject: income percentages
Name: karen
Who are you: Student

I would like to know what percent of a bill each person would pay based on the income differences
one person makes 78968.00 and the other makes 52000.00
I believe it is 65% and 35%

so if a bill is 120.00
one person pays 78 and the other pays 42
is this correct

Hi Karen.

The percentages you want are the percentages of each income over the total income. So you calculate it as:

a) 100 x 78968 / (78968 + 52000) and
b) 100 x 52000 / (78968 + 52000)

This gives percentages of 61.7% and 38.3%.

So if a bill is $120, then one person pays 61.7% x $120 = $74.05 and the other person pays the rest
$120 - $74.05 = $45.95.

Do you see how this is done now?
Stephen La Rocque.

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