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Question from Lakeshia:

2) The volume of a cylinder (think about the volume of a can) is given by V = pi r^2 h where r is the radius of the cylinder and h is the height of the cylinder. Suppose the volume of the can is 100 cubic centimeters.
a)Write h as a function of r. Keep "p" in the function's equation.

b) What is the measurement of the height if the radius of the cylinder is 2 centimeters? Round your answer to the nearest whole number.



V = pi r2 h

and you have v = 100 cubic centimeters


100 = pi r2 h

Solve for h, that is manipulate this equation to obtain the form

h = some expression involving r and pi.

For b) part substitute r = 2 centimeters and pi = 3.1416 ito the expression in the line above.


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