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Question from Larry:


This is driving me crazy, I know i learned this in college but that was so many years ago haha. I am trying to determine how many acres my property is. Unfortunately everywhere i look is like another language to me when seeing these formulas. My property is square shaped so starting from one side and just working around the dimensions are: 114 feet x 95.88 feet x 100 feet x 91.91 feet.

Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Not sure if this is right but i came up with roughly 0.4 acre. Can you please confirm?


Hi Larry,

Unfortunately you can't determine the area of a four sided lot if all you have are the side lengths. There is an explanation in the answer to an earlier question. You do say that your lot is "square shaped" so I can give you a rough estimate of the area. If it were a square 114 ft by 95.88 ft then the area would be

114 × 95.88 = 10930.32 square feet.

There are 43560 square feet in an acre so that would be

10930.32/43560 = 0.25 acres.

You lot is smaller than that but I can't say how much smaller.


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