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Subject: Difference in Time
Name: Lisa
Who are you: Student


My husband and I are trying to find a formula to calculate this:

Boat 1 with 12,000 items on board with 7 days docking time limit
Boat 2 with 12,000 items on board with 1 day docking time limit

Each item has to be scanned. We want to find out the difference in
scanning time (in minutes and seconds). We tried this formula but with
60 minutes in one hour, 60 seconds in one minute, we are not sure if this
formula is accurate. We need the answer within 3 days, HELP!

Our formula is:

Processing time =

[(minutes per hour x number of hours in 1 day) (Number of days)] / Total number of items

which would result in:

[(60 x 24)(7)] / 12000 = .84 (is this 84% of a minute, which would mean it takes 50.4 seconds per item?)

[(60 x 24)(1)] / 12000 = .12 (is this 12% of a minute, which would mean it takes 7.4 seconds per item?)

Now, what's the difference between these two times?

Your help is really appreciated, thanks!


If you look at your calculations you are multiplying minutes/hour x hours/day x days so that the resulting figure is minutes available. You are then dividing by the number of items so the result is minutes/item. In your examples the results are .84 and .12 minutes/item, or 50.4 seconds/item and 7.2 secs/item (not 7.4).



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