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Subject: square footages
Name: llinden
Who are you: Other

how do you figure out the cost of square footage? the amount per sq ft is $28

Thank you

Hi there. You want to find the cost of square footage - how much it would cost for a certain number of square feet. You know how much 1 square foot costs: $28. Thus, multiply this cost by the number of square feet you have in order to get your total cost.

If you don't know how many square feet you have, but you do know the dimensions of your area, use an appropriate area calculation to determine the number of square feet. For example, say I have a rectangle which measures 11 feet wide by 13 feet long. The area of a rectangle is given by the formula:

Area = Length x Width = (13 feet) x (11 feet) = 143 square feet

Now to calculate the cost of square footage

cost = (price per square foot) x (number of square feet) = ($28 per square foot) x (143 square feet) = $4004.

Hope this helps!


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