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Question from Mac, a student:

f(x) = (1/x) + (1/(2-x)) be the function and [0,2] be the interval.

1) It is continuous at the end points ?
2) is f(0) equal to f(2) ?

if i try to solve this, for the first question, we get infinity for both the end points, so it is undefined and so it is not continuous at the end points right ?

For the second question , i get f(0)= f(2)= infinity.
if we get infinity we don't consider that as equal right ? (newbie question)


Hi Again Mac,

I agree with both your answers. f(x) is not continuous at at 0 and 2 since f(0) and f(2) are undefined and since they are undefined they can't be equal.

Harley Weston

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