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Question from Mark, a parent:

1 Item $4020.44
1 Item $1749.86
1 Item $11455.62

Total 17,225.92

The sales tax and shipping is included in the total. The sales tax rate is 8.75%
What is the Sales Tax? and Shipping?

Hi Mark.

We can't really answer your question, because we don't know enough about the shipping. What is the shipping rate? Is sales tax applicable to the shipping charges?

If there were no shipping charges, then your sales tax total would be:

($17 225.92 / 1.0875 ) * 0.0875

If the shipping charges are taxable, the answer is the same.

However if the sales tax is not applicable to the shipping, then the total sales tax would be:

($17 225.92 - shipping charge) / 1.0875 * 0.0875

Hope this helps,
Stephen La Rocque.

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