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Question from melisa, a parent:

we are splitting a 320 acre parcel into five 35 acre lots with one 145 ace lot. I have the footage of each side there are eight:
5280 x 2640x2640then out1320x1320up x2640back inx1320upx1320this now would meet back to the 5280foot side i know there is a half of a square mile and 320 acres.what would the measurements be in feet for length to make a square or a rectangle to make a 35 acre lot?


There are 43560 square feet in an acre so there are 43560 × 35 = 1524600 square feet in 35 acres. The square root of 152460 is 1234.7 feet so a square that is 1234.7 feet on a side has an area of 35 acres.

An rectangle with its length times its width equal to 1524600 square feet has an area of 35 acres.


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