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I have a rectangular lot of 110.0 feet by 396.0 feet. When we sell the District will take 2.38 meters off the front for appropriation. I believe we currently have a 1 acre lot? What will our square footage size be after appropriation?


Hi Melissa,

There are 43560 square feet in an acre and 110.0 x 396.0 = 43560 so you lot is exactly one acre in area.

There are 0.3048 metres in 1 foot so 2.38 metres is 2.38/0.3048 = 7.80 feet. Thus the district will take 7.80 ft off the front for appropriation. You didn't say which dimension is the front so I am going to assume that the front is 110.0 feet and the depth is 396.0 feet.

If you take 7.80 feet off the front then you are left with a lot that is 110.0 feet by 396.0 - 7.8 = 388.2 feet. The area is then 110.0 x 388.2 = 42702 square feet or (42760/43560) x 100 = 98 percent of an acre.


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