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A person spends 3/7 of her monthly earnings on rent and 1/7 on food.
How Much does she spend on food and rent?
how much does she have left?

How do u work out these questions

Hi Real,

If we want to know how much she spends on food and rent, we need to add the two amounts together, so we have
3/7 + 1/7 = 4/7. Remember that when adding fractions, we need a common denominator to start, and then we add the numerator and keep the denominator the same. All of her money can be represented as 7/7, since we've been splitting
it into seven parts, and we want all of the parts. So take how much she started with and subtract the food and the rent, so 7/7 - 4/7 = 3/7. The same process applies to subtracting fractions as it does with adding fractions.


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