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Subject: Math
Name: Roxanne
Who are you: Student

A lumber yard receives 24 studs in a bundle that contains 25 row (or layers) of studs with 20 studs in each row. A 2X4 stus ia actually 1 1/2'' X 3 1/2'' X 92 5/8

Find the cross sectional area of a bindle in square inches Find the volume of the bundle in cubic feet

Hi Roxanne.

To solve the first part of the problem, you need to multiply the area of a single end of stud by the number of studs in a bundle.

To solve the second part of the problem, multiply your answer from above by the length of the studs. Then convert your answer to cubic feet by dividing by 123, because:

1 ft3 = (12 in)3 = 123 in3
1 in3 = 1/(123) ft3

Stephen La Rocque.>

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