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Question from Saleena, a student:

Hiya, my name is Saleena and I'm studying business at college. My question for you is what is the percentage change of turnover of the following supermarket.

Turnover (Millions) - ASDA

2001 -10,732
2002 -12,188
2003 -13,326
2004 - 14,318
2005 -14,865


Hi Saleena,

The percentage change from year A to year B is the change (amount in year B - amount in year A) as a percentage of the amount in year A. For example if you sold 1,500 cans of soup in 2006 and 1,623 cans of soup in 2007 then the percentage change is

(1623 - 1500)/1500 × 100 = 123/1500 × 100 = 8.2%

I hope this helps,

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