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Question from vince, a student:

If your homework grades is only 15% of the total grades and with an average homework grade of 90% what is your earn point for the homework earn point = average times percent

Hi Vince. You've got it about right.

If you have completed all the homework for the course and have an accumulated average of 90%, then you have earned 90% of 15% of your total grade so far. 90% of 15% is 13.5%.

Remember that this assumes that the 90% is the accumulated average. For example, it assumes that the mark already takes into account when some assignments are "worth more" than others. For example, if you
got 85% on assignment 1 and 95% on assignment 2, but assignment 2 was worth twice as much as assignment 1, then the accumulated average would not be 90%, it would be closer to 92%.

As well, what you have "earned" is a reflection of past work. If you have a 90% accumulated average in your homework, and homework is worth 15% of your final grade, but you have only completed 80% of your
assignments so far for the school year, then you have "earned" 90% x 80% x 15% of your final grade.

Hope this helps,
Stephen La Rocque.

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