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Question from vincent, a student:

I forgot how to write the equation of the line satisfying the given conditions through (2,-3) parallel to 2x=3y+5

and how would you graph this

I got another answer I think it's wrong


If you write the equation of a line in the form y = mx + b then m is the slope of the line. This is useful here because lines are parallel precisely if they have the same slope. So take the line you have, 2x = 3y + 5 and rewrite it in the form
y = mx + b. The line you are looking for has the same slope so it is of the form y = mx + c for the value of m you just found and some number c. All that is left is to find c. Since (2, -3) is on the line substitute x = 2 and y = -3 into y = mx + c and solve for c.

I hope this helps,

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