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Subject: find ratio
Name: Harry
Who are you: Parent

how do i find ratio of 1,000mm to 5m.


1000/5 = 200
so 1000mm to 5m = 200mm to 1m

1m = 100cm
1cm = 10mm
so 1m = 100cm = 1000mm

Thus, 200mm to 1m = 200mm to 1000mm
But 1000/200 = 5
so 100mm to 1000mm = 1mm to 5mm = 1 to 5 (units can be dropped when
units are the same)

Therefore, 1000mm to 5m = 1 to 5

Another method:
1m = 100cm = 1000mm
so 1000mm to 5 m = 1m to 5m = 1 to 5

In either method the important point is that you need to convert the units so that both quantities are expressed in the same units.



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