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Subject: Calculating a persons volume
Name: James
Who are you: Student

Hi i am currently trying to calculate my volume. I have tried to do this using a tank of water and measuring the difference. i worked out that my volume is 112 litres. my question is that i want to make a box that would hold my volume and so i need to convert it into centimeters. i know that there are 100 cm^2 in a litre. if i divide this by 4 i would be 91x91x91ft. is this simply to do with density. if so how could i make this more realistic?

Hi James.

There are 1000 cm3 in one litre, so your volume is 112 000 cm3. The cube root of this is 48.2 cm, so if you make a box that is half a meter cube, then you would have about the right size.

Stephen La Rocque.>

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