Subject: Pre-Cal Proofs
Name: Jazmin
Who are you: Student

Hi, My name is Jazmin and I've been sitting here trying to do my homework for the past hour! I am having trouble with these two problems: tan1/2x + cot1/2x = 2cscx
what I did is I turned tan1/2x into sec1/2x over csc1/2x + csc1/2x over sec1/2x using the reciprocal property. Then I multiplied the top and the bottom by the composite of the top....but if I do it this way my answer comes out ot one. I'm really not understanding how I could have gotten this.



Write tan1/2x as sin1/2x over cos1/2x and cot1/2x as cos1/2x over sin1/2x. Find a common denominator and add the two fractions.