Subject: Math question BEDMAS?
Name: John
Who are you: Other

Ok, to be straight, i won a contest and they have a confusing format for the STQ. here it is:

11 (+) 44 (x) 2 (-) 10 (%) 25

I've never seen brackets around the operands and wondering how to treat it. I fear they want me to answer the question left to right as the answer is 4 if I use BEDMAS I get 98.6 (which clearly sounds wrong for what they want)

any thoughts?





John, unless the skill testing question is for a contest related to health or medicine (standard body temperature is 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit), I would also suspect they want the answer 4.

Your email came through with a percentage sign in it:

11 (+) 44 (x) 2 (-) 10 % 25

So ignoring bedmas and interpreting "%" to mean take 25% of the value on the left, you get 100 % 25 which is 4. (As well, "%" in this particular case could be division, which coincidentally also gives 4).

I'm not sure how the "%" operator works in a calculator's order of operations. I really do wish that the designers of these so-called "skill-testing questions" had just a bit more skill themselves at arithmetic. The correct mathematical answer would always follow

Stephen La Rocque.>