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Subject: Calculation in titration
Name: kenchotenzin
Who are you: Other

I want to convert milliliters into grams.


Milliliters are units of volume, one milliliter is one cubic centimeter, and grams are units of weight. Thus milliliters and grams are unites for very different concepts. To find the weight in grams of a specific volume of some material you need to know the density of the material. You mention titration in your subject so I expect you are interested in a liquid. There is a table of the densities of some liquids at For example pure water at 4 degrees C has a density of 1000.00 kilograms per cubic meter which is 1.00000 grams per cubic centimeter and iodine at 25 degrees C has a density of 4927.28 kilograms per cubic meter which is 4.92728 grams per cubic centimeter.


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