Subject: Equations in nature
Name: Lee
Who are you: Other

Dear Sir/Madam
So to bother you but but I am struggling to find the name of the following equation. I remember watching a TV programme introduced by Arthur C Clarke. The programme focused on an equation that gave a wonderful pattern that went on into infinity. Two maths professors discussed this equation.It was described as 'Gods equation' as it was compared to the shape of trees and other shapes in nature. It was named after the inventor/discoverer. If you have any ideas i would be most grateful. Regards Lee (a chemistry graduate who found maths too difficult)



"God's Equation" often refers to Einstein's field equations but I don't think this is what you mean. Another possibility is the Golden Mean but this concept is not named after a particular individual. I think you are referring to fractals and in particular Mandelbrot sets. You will see many examples if you search the web for fractals, Mandelbrot sets.