Subject: Maths
Name: Lizzy
Who are you: Student (Secondary)

What is 1.7142857143 as a fraction?


Hi Lizzy,

We have two responses for you.

There are 10 digits after the decimal place in 1.7142857143 so if you multiply 1.7142857143 by 1010 = 10000000000 you get 17142857143 and hence

1.7142857143 = 17142857143/10000000000  

The question now is, can this fraction be simplified. The prime factorization of 10000000000 = 1010 is 210 x 510 and 17142857143 is not divisible by 2 or 5 so the fraction can't be simplified.



You can always just move the decimal and keep track of how
far you are moving it:

1.7142857143 = 17142857143 / 10000000000 (ten zeros)

However, you are giving me a number from a calculator and the
calculator has rounded this number off. Take a look at what your
calculator says about 1/7, 2/7, etc. and you'll see the pattern you

Stephen La Rocque.>