Subject: math
Name: marcus
Who are you: Student

Ridingcap's daughter,whose real name was Coleen, set out for grandma's house again. This time she was delivering jam and jellies. First she stopped to see Mrs. Parsley,who took in grandma's mail while grandma was @ the hospital recovering from the wolf. Colleen gave Mrs. Parsley one third of the jars in her basket. Then Colleen set out again,and suddenly the wolf jumped out behind the bush and grubbed one half of the jars in Colleen's basket. When the wolf ran off, Colleen went on and gave Mr .Woodsman two thirds of what was left in her basket. Colleen had six jars of jam and jellies left for grandma. HOW MANY JARS DID COLLEEN LEAVE HOME WITH


Hi Marcus. It sounds like Colleen needs to get a dog!

Solve this problem by working backwards. I'll show you with different numbers and you can use this method to solve the problem with the original numbers.

Let's say she arrived at Grandma's house with 11 jars. Prior to that, she was at the woodsman's place and he took 2/3, so 11 jars is the other third. That means she arrived at the woodsman's place with 3x11 = 33 jars.

Before that, she encountered the wolf who took half of what she had. If she had 33 jars, the wolf took the other 33, so she had 66 jars before she met the wolf.

Before that, she gave Mrs Parsley 1/3. So if 2/3 was 66, she gave Mrs. Parsley 33 jars, meaning she had 99 jars to start with.

Now you try it with your original numbers.

Hope this helps,
Stephen La Rocque.