Subject: esl for math
Name: matt
Who are you: Teacher

My name is Matt and I am an ESL teacher in Korea. Recently I have begun tutoring a student who will be going to Canada soon as a 9th grade student. She is a very capable student and is concerned that her mathematical abilities outstrip her ability to communicate in English.
I am writing mainly to inquire what level of math-speak I should teach to this student. For instance: should I be explaining geometric terms, or simply algebra? And if algebra, should I include complex numbers and the quadratic formula? If there are things that she will be taught in Canada, I'd prefer her to learn them firsthand from a math teacher. However, knowledge that she will be presumed to have I would like to teach.

Thank you for your time and any assistance you can offer.



Hi Matt,

I am most familiar with the Saskatchewan math curriculum, and this can be found online. It is called the "Evergreen Curriculum".

This should give you a good hint as to what your student should expect in Canada. There is a "PAN Canadian" curriculum that is being developed which is trying to keep most of the "strands" or main themes in the curriculums the same from province to province so if a student moves, they will be in about the right place. Hopefully this website is of help to you.


Karen McIver


Another place where you might look is the Western and Northern Canadian Protocol. (Follow the mathematics link.) This is the web site for a curriculum framework designed for Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Alberta, British Columbia, Yukon Territory and Northwest Territories.