Hi there,

I need an answer to a question which my daughter got for her H.W.today.The whole sheet is + or -, but question is as follows;

A farmer has 1000 acres of land. If he harvests 150 acres in a day and how many days will it take for him to harvest 1000 acres? I'd appreciate your help.



Hi Ravinder,

Since the remainder of the questions just involve addition and subtraction I expect that is what is expected here. The farmer can harvest 150 acres each day so

End of the day Acres harvested
day 1 150
day 2

150 + 150 = 300

day 3

300 + 150 = 450

Continue that table until he has harvested all 1000 acres.

You could also solve this problem using division. 1000/150 is 6 and 2/3 days. The table method won't give the fraction but it will show your daughter that it takes more than 6 days and less than 7.