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Question from Cynthia, a student:

Hi is (x^6)(x^4)1/2 = 5

How does 1/2(3.14)(4.1) =26.3917

Cynthia, we have two responses for you:

Hi Cynthia,

I am not sure what you are asking with the first question. Are you to solve for x?

For the second question 1/2(3.14)(4.1) is not 26.3917. Try 1/2(3.14)(4.1)^2



Hi Cynthia.

For your first question, did you mean to ask if ( (x6 )(x4 ) )½ = x5 ?

If so, then the answer is yes, because when you first combine (x6 )(x4 ) you use the exponent rule of multiplication: add the exponents, so this is (x10). Then when you take this to the exponent of ½, you use the exponent rule of exponents: multiply the exponents. Since 10½ = 5 , then (x10)½ = x5.

Stephen La Rocque.>

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