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Question from Dishant, a student:

  My name is Dishant. I know BEDMAS but im very cofused with this question.
  The question is 3-2(5x2)x2+7. Can you please help me?

                                           Thanks, Dishant.

Hi Dishant,

B stands for brackets so the first step is to evaluate (5x2) = (10).
Now you have 3-2(10)x2+7.

There is no exponentiation (E) or division (D) so next is multiplication (M). There is a multiplication implicitbetween the 2 and 10 in 2(10) so you have to compute 2(10)x2 = 2 x 10 x 2 = 40.
Hence your problem reduces to 3 - 40 + 7.

Next comes addition (A) so add -40 and 7 to get -33 and hence the problem is now 3 - 33.

Finally subtraction (S): 3 - 33 = -30 and thus

3-2(5x2)x2+7 = -30


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