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Question from Natasha, a student:

Hello! My name is Natasha I'm 11 yrs old. I like plaing a maths game called '24'. Basically, there's a pack of cards which have 4 numbers on it and you can use any of the four rules as much as you want and you have to make 24. But you can only use each number once and must use each number. Today I and a few friends of mine got through to represent my county. So we have been practicing like mad. But we got stuck on these following numbers: 7 , 5 , 3 , 3. I thought I had it when I said: 7x5=35 3x3=9 35-9=26. But I Thought it was 24.

Please Help Me! What happens if it depends on getting this card right when I'm representing my county?! I Doubt It! Many Thanks,


Hi Natasha.

Start with 5×3.

Stephen La Rocque. >

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