Subject: cone
Name: suresh
Who are you: Other (All)

dear sir
i want to know the required size of plate for cone rolling,sizes are 2950mm is bottom dia,894 is top dia and 600 is height.I have already read u r answers but i little bit confused ,harely and sue have given useful answers but when i worked both method the required plate size is different. so i like to know which method is easy and correct.and also i like know whether it can be rolled without segment my rolling machine width is 1500.I am waiting for u r reply please.



I drew a picture of your truncated cone and extended it to a vertex P.

In the diagram the distance PQ is x mm. Using similar triangles

 (600 + x)/1475x/447  

Solving for x I found that x = 260.89 mm.

Using Pythagoras theorem with the triangles PQT and PRS I found |PT| = 517.56 mm and |PS| = 1707.85 mm. Thus the plate can be contructed from a disk of radius
|PS| = 1707.85 mm by removing a cisk of radius |PT| = 517.56 mm.

Using the same method as in the answer to a previous problem I found the angle VPS to be 49.09 degrees.