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Question from AC:

A friend is taking a online course and showed me a problem, I haven't seen algebra and was trying to help but i guess this stuff is over my head since I haven't done math since high school and don't remember much of it.

her word problem is

find three consecutive positive integers such that the product of the first and third, minus the second, is 1 more than 4 times the third
She wrote down

After this is where she confuses me

I thought the answer was x = 5 but she says no.

wouldn't the problem look like this

x = 5

x + (x + 2) - (x + 1) = 29

4(x + 2) = 28



I agree with you, the answer is 5, 6 and 7. (There is a typo in what you sent. You should have x * (x + 2 ) - (x + 1) = 29.)

Can you tell us how you arrived at x = 5.


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