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Question from alayna, a student:

Jackie is saving her money to buy a coat that costs $121. If she already has $61 and saves $15 each week, in how many weeks can she buy the coat ? Make a function table to answer the question.

Hi Alayna,

Her brother Gord wanted to buy a sweater that cost $75 but he had only saved $39. If he can save $12 each week how many weeks will he have to save before he can buy the sweater?

Here is one way to set up a function table.

Week Amount left to save
0 $75 - $39 = $36
1 $36 - $12 = $24
2 $24 - $12 = $12
3 $12 - $12 = $0

Thus it will take Gord 3 weeks to save for the sweater. How long will it take Jackie?



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