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Question from Barbara, a student:

In writing competition, the first place winner receives 1/2 of the prize money. The second runner up receives 1/4 of what the winner won.
what was the total amount of prize money distributed if the winner receives $6,000?

Thank you


There is not enough information here to answer the question. How many winners are there? What does the first runner you receive?


Barbara wrote back

This is the way I received the questions, I think their is only 2 winners, a first place and a runner up, also here are some multiple choice's, I figure that the first place winner wins half of $6000 and the runner up receive 1/4 of $3000 which is half of $6000. I'm not sure.

a. 6.000
b. 8,500
c. 12,000
d. 15,000
e. 18,500

I'm sorry about the question being incomplete.


This is a strange question. If the first place winner receives $6,000 which is 1/2 of the prize money then the total prize money is 2 × $6,000 = $12,000.


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