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Question from Calvin, a student:

I never enjoyed and understood the point in doing maths at high school.
At college I studied Engineering and the mathematics was never covered to the level that I wanted. I want to study and fully understand and master
mathematics by myself, and hence I would like a recommendation on which mathematics book I should bye. I want to understand and master every concept from logic,reasoning,axioms to algebra,calculus up to and including the latest mathematical fields and concepts.

So would you please recommend a book or books which may help me.

Thank you for your time.

Kind Regards


I really enjoyed ``Proofs from the Book'' by Agnier and Ziegler, a collection of nice proofs that belong to the ``book of God'' in Erdos' word. It covers many different topics, some are easy yet beautiful and others may take years to swallow, but on the whole I always thought that this was a book I would lend to someone bright who wanted to know more about what mathematics was about.


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