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Question from Carl, a parent:

the points H,S,D,K,L, and B are collinear.

point L and B are not between any other labeled points on the line.
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Hi Carl,

I think I can point you in the right direction to solve this problem.

First I am not sure what KS+SB=KB means. It might means that if you append the interval KS to the interval SB you obtain the interval KB. It might be that KS designates the length of the interval from K to S and similarly for the others. In either case from the statement KS+SB=KB I can conclude that K is to the left of S and S is to the left of B. Apply the same reasoning to the other two equations and see what that tells you about the placement of H, S, D, K and B. Finally what does the last sentence say about the placement of L?


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