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Question from Chad, a student:

I need to convert 4,599 Cubic Yards to Square yards. The thickness is 10 inches. Is there a formula for this conversion?



The volumein cubic yards of a region of uniform thickness is the surface area in square yards tomes the thickness in yards. You have the thickness in inches so you need to convert the thickness to yards. There are 36 inches in a yard so 10 inches is 10/36 yards. thus

volume in cubic yards = surface area in square yards × thicknedd in yards
4599 = surface area in square yards × 10/36

Multiply both sides of this equation by 36/10 to get

4599 × 36/10 = surface area × 10/36 × 36/10


surface area = 4599 × 36/10 = 1655.4 square yards.


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