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Question from cristian, a student:

write 7.62 as a mixed number

Hi Cristian,

A mixed number has a whole number part and a fractional part, for example 4 3/5 is a mixed number. You have 7.62 which is the whole number 7 and the fraction 0.62 written as a decimal. To express this as a mixed fraction you need to expression the decimal part by a common fraction. I am going to illustrate with a different number 12.35.

12.35 has 12 as the whole number part and 0.35 as the fraction. The decimal notation means that
0.35 = 35/100 thus 12.35 = 12 35/100. But  35/100 is not in lowest terms so we should simplify it. The numerator and denominator are both divisible by 5 so I can write 12.35 = 12 35/100 = 12 7/20.

I hope this helps,

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