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Question from daniel, a parent:

find three consecutive odd integers such that three times the second minus the third is 11 more than the first.
help! i have x+1, x+3, x+5 as my 3 odd integers is this correct its been a while.

Hi Daniel,

You're close! The difficulty with your three integers x + 1, x + 3, x + 5 is that you need x to be even. If x is odd, say x = 3, then you get x + 1 = 4, x + 3 = 6 and x + 5 = 8. An even number is a multiple of 2 so you can force x to be even by writing it 2 times something, for example 2n where n is some integer. I would take the three consecutive odd integers to be 2n + 1, 2n + 3 and 2n + 5.

Can you complete the problem now? If you have difficulties write back.


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