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Question from David, a student:

Tara paid one-half of her game-show winnings to the government for taxes. She invested one-third of her winning in Jeff's copy shop at 14% interest and one-sixth of her winnings in Kaiser's German Bakery at 12% interest. If she earned a total of $4000 on the investments in one year, then how much did she win on the game show?

I don't know what i should do in order to set up this problem its a bit confusing with the % interest please explain

Hi David,

Suppose her winnings were W dollars then she invested 1/3 W dollars in Jeff's copy shop. This investment paid a 14% interest so at the end of the year her investment earned 0.14 × 1/3 W dollars.

How much did her investment in Kaiser's German Bakery earn? The sum of these earnings is $4000. Solve for W.


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