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Question from David:

I am playing around with an idea. I've read previous answers to questions (using surveyor calculation methods) related to finding the area of an irregular shape parcel of land (or irregular polygon). Is there a formula or method for calculating the centroid (mid-point) for this type of polygon. I've seen plenty of methods for calculating the mid-point for a triangle or regular shape polygon but few for an irregular shape polygon such as a parcel of land. Thanks...

In March of 2017 we received an email from Andrew pointing out that our answer to this question was incorrect. Part of Andrew's email says

I note that you have provided the answer to the centroid of a collection of point masses not the centroid of a polygon. A better answer would be the one on the Wikipedia page:

Best regards,


Thanks Andrew, I am always grateful when someone who finds an error on one of our pages goes to the trouble to inform us,


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