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Question from Del, a student:

Hi. I feel really stupid ! I'm a mature student and i have completely forgotten
How to find out the order of fractions from largest to smallest. I
Have been put this poser;
Can you please tell me what is the largest and lowest?
Will be very grateful....thank you


The easiest way to compare fractions is to express them all according to a common denominator. For example:

7/4 = 21/12
1/6 = 2/12
7/2 = 42/12

Can you see why these are equivalences are true? For example, (7/4)*(3/3) = 21/12. Since 3/3 = 1 we are not "changing" the value of 7/4 by multiplying it by 3/3, we are just re-expressing the fraction.

Now you should be able to see which fraction is the largest, second largest and smallest.

Hope this helps!


PS - It's normal to feel embarrassed about not being able to do math. The important thing to remember is that everyone has the ability to understand math, it just requires some time and careful, critical thinking.

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