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Question from DONNA:

I need to change 6.9375 by 10.0625 into inches.



I assume the numbers 6.9375 and 10.0625 are measurements but you haven't told us the units. Can you tell us more about what you are trying to do?


Donna write back

We need it converted into inches and fractions.


I am still not sure I understand. Is the 6.9375 a measurement in inches or feet or centimeters? I am going to assume that you have 6.9375 inches and you want to write this as 6 inches plus a common fraction of an inch rather than a decimal fraction. In that case 0.9375 = 9375/10000 = 15/16 and hence 6.9375 inches is 6 15/16 inches.

Likewise 0.0625 = 625/10000 = 1/16 so 10.0625 inches is 10 1/16 inches.


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