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Question from Gary, a student:

I am trying to find out the weight of a linear foot of a steel bar with the following measurements.
Thickness - 1.125"
Length - 120"
Height - 18"

Density of carbon steel 0.2837
I know it's heavy, but how heavy, per linear foot?


The density is 0.2837 lb/in3, so if you multiply the volume in cubic inches by the density, you get the weight.

A linear foot of your steel bar has dimensions 1.125" by 18" by 12" (assuming you are measuring the length along the longest side of the bar). Thus, the volume is 1.25 x 18 x 12 cubic inches. Multiply this by 0.2837 and you will have the number of pounds each linear foot of your steel bar weighs.

Stephen La Rocque

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