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Question from j, a student:

the country with the most universities is india followed by the united states. If india has 2649 more universities than united state and there combine total is 14,165,find the number of universities in india and the number in the united states.

Hi there.

Here's how I would approach the problem:

"india has 2649 more universities than united states"
therefore I = 2649 + S

"their combined total is 14,165."
therefore I + S = 14,165.

But if I = 2649 + S, then wherever you see the variable "I", you can
replace it with "2649 + S" instead.

So I + S = 14,165 can turn into 2649 + S + S = 14,165.

And now you just need to solve for S.

Stephen La Rocque.

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