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Question from James:

How do I find the volume/weight of a salt shed. I have a 3000 ton barn, I need a better way of finding how much salt to order as it gets used. I know how to calculate volume, how do i get tonnage from there??

Hi James,

You need the density of the salt you are using and that will depend on the form of the salt. There is a web site in the UK that has densities of dry materials in kilograms per cubic meter which has the density for salt cake, course salt and fine salt. For example they have the density of fine salt as 1201 kilograms per cubic meter. If you have the volume in cubic feet for example then Google can help with the calculation. If you go to Google and type in the serach window 1201 kilograms per cubic meters in pounds per cubic foot then Google will respond with (1 201 kilograms) per (cubic meters) = 74.9759807 pounds per (cubic foot). So for fine salt the weight in pounds will be your volume in cubic feet times 74.9759807 pounds per cubic foot.

I hope this helps,


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