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Question from Jason, a parent:

A tank is 8' wide by 8' tall x 45' long. How many barrels of liquid will it hold??

Hi Jason.

For this kind of unit conversion, I like to use Google.

I just type (8 x 8 x 45) cubic feet in barrels into the usual Google search form.

Even better:
(8 feet x 8 feet x 45 feet) in barrels

Stephen La Rocque.

Footnote: You need to take a little care when using barrels as a measurement. Google uses the conversion that 1 barrel is 31 US gallons or 4.144 cubic feet. If you are talking about barrels of oil then 1 barrel is 42 US gallons. Standard volume for barrels for chemicals and food is 55 US gallons. Barrels of wine or beer are different again. There is more information undes sizes in the Wikipedia entry for barrels.


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